Jaguar Garage Services Diagnostics and Garage Repairs

Jaguar Garage Services -Brakes -Tyres & Wheels –

Exhausts – Oil & Filters


Jaguar Garage Service -Brakes Jaguar brake servicing. Inspection of Jaguar brake pipes, pads and brake operation.

  • Jaguar Service and Adjust handbrake
  • Inspect auxiliary handbrake shoes where appropriate
  • Check Jaguar Brake Discs for Deep Gouges and Scoring caused by embedded particles or pad damage
  • Replace Jaguar Brake Fluid
  • Jaguar Master and Slave Cylinder Condition, Correct Operation and Leaking
  • Check Jaguar Brake System for Corrosion
  • Jaguar hand brake linkages condition – cleaning and lubrication

Jaguar Service – Brake Servicing

Jaguar braking system inspected: Pipes, Hydraulic fluid, Pads, Discs, Rotors checked and replaced as needed based on manufacturers service interval

  • Jaguar Brake Callipers – Correct brake calliper operation
  • Jaguar Brake Discs – General brake disc condition
  • Jaguar Hydraulic Pipes – Brake pipe Condition
  • Jaguar Brake Pads – Correct brake pad movement and amount of wear
  • Jaguar Slave Cylinders – Cylinder condition
  • Jaguar Brake Drums – Brake drum condition

Jaguar Service Cooling: Jaguar Water Pump, Hoses, Valves, Temperature Sensors, Radiator & Fan

Jaguar Coolant/Anti-Freeze Replace Jaguar coolant based on the manufacturers  recommended service time using the appropriate coolant concentration and amount. Jaguar Radiator Pipes Pipes should be inspected regularly for brittleness, splitting or coolant leaks. Damaged pipes should be replaced. Jaguar Temperature Control Temperature control problems with the Jaguar Thermostat might be solved by fitting a new thermostat. Jaguar Coolant Pump When the Jaguar Coolant Pump circulates with cambelt power consider changing the water pump and timing belt together

Jaguar Service Cambelt-Timing Belt: New Timing Belt, Pulley (Idler), Tensioner Pulley, Tensioner Spring, Gasket

Jaguar Cambelt (Timing Belt) Replace Jaguar Cambelt based on the manufacturers suggested service time using the appropriate OEM or Performance Timing Belt and possibly oil seals on the Cam Shaft and Crank shaft. Jaguar Cam Belt Purpose The Cambelt – Timing Belt allows engine rotational information plus power to the camshaft from the crankshaft controlling valve operation with piston operation . Jaguar Engine Valves Timing Belts Control the Opening of Jaguar Engine valves allowing fuel & air into the piston chamber and controlling the exhaust valve operation. Jaguar Timing Chain or Belt When the Jaguar uses a timing chain timing servicing will be greatly extended

Jaguar Service Oil Change – Oil Service, Particle

Filter, Air Filter, Pollen and Dust Filter,

Change Fuel Filter

Oil Change – Jaguar Engine Replace Jaguar Engine Lubricating Oil as specified. Quality Lubricating Oil coats moving parts, reducing friction, while giving protection from corrosion that lasts between services. Jaguar Filter Change Oil Filters are best renewed since they lose efficiency with a build-up of particles. Jaguar Air Filter, Inline Fuel Filter, Cabin Filter Replace your Jaguar Filters regularly, to help your engine breathe. Filters block. Check the Jaguar Guidelines for correct filter replacement intervals

Jaguar Service Tyres – Tyres Replaced & Balanced

Tyres – Jaguar Road Tyres Replace Jaguar tyres as tyres become worn. Look to see that tyre tread wear is uniform. Jaguar Tracking If tyre wear is not uniform, make sure that the tracking and wheel alignment is correct.


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