Jaguar Parts

Jaguar Parts

Jaguar parts and repairs and original parts replacement for most Jaguar models, we can source used Jaguar parts from our friends in Darlington ( Eurojag ) at a fraction of the new price if our customers desire this, feel free to buy your used spares from Eurojag and enquire about our Jaguar parts fitting service.

Jaguar Dealer Alternative

Jaguar services, diagnostics and  mechanical-electrical repairs

Jaguar Electric

Lets face it, there are a lot of electrical parts on a Jaguar that need proper maintenance and repair when they go wrong but don’t worry as we are able to fix or replace all electrical and mechanical Jaguar parts from most makes of Jaguar cars, below are just a few examples :-

  • Jaguar Alternator
  • Jaguar Battery
  • Jaguar Diagnostics
  • Jaguar Fuel Pump
  • Jaguar Glow Plugs
  • Jaguar Headlights
  • Jaguar Lights
  • Jaguar Sensors
  • Jaguar Spark Plugs
  • Jaguar Starter Motor

We have a Jaguar Factory Trained Mechanic who is more than capable of any Maintenance task on all current Jaguar models and more. Why not drive down and introduce yourself for some friendly advice on any Jaguar matters which you may be concerned about.

  • Jaguar Brake Pads
  • Jaguar Bushes
  • Jaguar EGR Valve
  • Jaguar Exhausts
  • Jaguar Filters
  • Jaguar Fuel Pump
  • Jaguar Gearbox
  • Jaguar Oil Pump
  • Jaguar Shock Absorbers
  • Jaguar Springs
  • Jaguar Tyres
  • Jaguar Water Pump
  • Jaguar Radiators

We provide all Jaguar Mechanical / Electrical and Diagnostic services at a much lower cost than any Jaguar dealer or other “Establishment’s” in the surrounding area’s.

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