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Jaguar Warranty Questions – Concern’s

Are you concerned about jeopardising your Jaguar Warranty?  Do you have any Warranty Questions?. You need not be concerned about jeopardising your Jaguar Warranty. You are covered by law: The Block Exemption ruling (Block Exemption Regulations 1400/2002) came into effect in October 2003. This ruling prevented main dealers from requiring you to take your car to them for servicing. With a threat of breaching the Jaguar Warranty, they were able to charge whatever they liked. And they did. This regulation, which has been in force for over ten years means that motorists can now choose exactly where they get their car serviced WITHOUT invalidating the Jaguar Warranty. Further information can be found HERE.

That’s great news for you, as a Jag owner and that’s where we come in. We are not obliged, nor do we wish to, charge exorbitant prices. Take a look at our pricing and I’m sure you will see at a glance that we are very competitive. Add to that a fully trained, equiped and experienced Master Technician and we think you’ll agree, you can’t go wrong bringing your Jaguar to us.

Looking for a Jaguar Servicing Specialist in the North East? You need look no further, North East Jags can meet all your Jaguar servicing needs. You can expect from us the highest standards befitting the Jaguar Marque.

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